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Our dental practice is pleased to announce that Dr. Vemireddy Completed the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Standard Laser Certification to provide her patients with even better oral care:

Carrollton, TX- December 08, 2018 Dr. Harichandana Vemireddy of Carrollton successfully completed the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Standard Laser Certification (SLC) by formally demonstrating, knowledge and clinical proficiency in laser dentistry.

The Academy of Laser Dentistry is an international professional membership association of dental practitioners and supporting organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the patients through the safe and effective use of laser technology. The Academy is devoted to unbiased clinical education, research and the development of standards and guidelines. Its SPDLC is recognized and supported by more than 100 organizations worldwide.

To receive her SLC, Dr. Vemireddy completed 12 hours of comprehensive classroom instruction which included hands-on workshops and two examinations; one clinical simulation exam plus an online multiple-choice test.

According to Dr. Vemireddy “It’s my goal to provide my patients with the best care possible by using the most advanced technology and techniques. Earning my SLC from the ALD enables me to safely and skillfully offer my patients a wide range of laser procedures that can halt oral disease, promote healing, reduce the need for opioids and achieve optimal overall health with virtually no discomfort.”

For more information about how laser technology can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as gum disease, cavities, TMJ, mouth sores, sleep apnea, gummy smiles and more, call the doctor’s office at 972-394-5200.